Thursday, May 29, 2014

Starting a Discussion.

My two big questions are...
1.Do people spend too much time on electronics
2. Are we missing out on life because we are too busy looking at a screen?

I found this video and it was perfect for what I wanted to discuss. It basically shows how people are so absorbed in their technology devices that they are missing out on what is going on around them. This video has gone viral- most people love it and are inspired while some people say it is too hypocritical to enjoy. I don't think it is hypocritical at all. I think that a video on YouTube is the only way they could get a large amount of people to see it. It even says at the end- "stop watching this video, live life the real way."

My favorite part of the video was when it talked about the kids and childhood because it saddens me most to see children getting engrossed in technology. Childhood should be treasured and spent wisely because it flies by and is the one time in life that you don't have to worry about stuff. So spending half your day (according to this article- 7.5 hours a day) is a waste of time and decreases your value of life. Let's be cliche for a second and say: If I were to die tomorrow would I regret not spending enough time watching my favorite show, not getting the high score on candy crush or not getting a better kill ratio? Or would I regret not spending enough quality time with family/friends, exploring the world, trying new and exciting things, or meeting new people? Because lets be honest, you don't remember your best day watching television or playing flappy bird. 

I understand that technology is a very enjoyable invention and I too am guilty of spending unnecessary time on it. I just don't like the fact that it seems to be taking over peoples lives. People become so dependent on their electronics that it scares me to think what would happen if technology fails-even just for a couple days.

I am not saying that technology is evil and nobody should use it, but I am saying it needs to be used in moderation. When it comes to kids, it should be used in very light moderation. And as for everybody else, it should be common sense to know when you should put the phone down and enjoy life.

Friday, May 16, 2014


Learning about satire was fun, for me. I found it really funny and am able to understand it because I am a very sarcastic person. I think most people get it, but the people that don't should just stay away from it so they don't spread false information. I can see how that part of satire is "dangerous" but I don't think it is a super big deal. The satire news companies just have to make sure they exaggerate it enough so people can't mistake it for real news. Satire gets a bad name when stuff like this happens. When people have to tell people, THIS IS NOT REAL.

1. Do you think that traditional media outlets should attempt to change their presentation to get more of an audience? If so, how would they change?

I don't think so. Because there are a few satire news out there, I don't think it is necessary for all news stations to  present news in a funny/exciting way. There are people who want serious news and/or don't understand satire, so the regular, original news should still be available for those people. But satire should always be available too because that is what is interesting to younger audiences and, for people who understand sarcasm, it is a good way to get news. This article talks about how satire will always be protected as long as they stick to certain guidelines. So as long as the satire news stations follow these, their will hopefully always be a good balance of traditional news and satire news.

2. What do you think about the fact that only 10% of teens are interested in the news and that most of them say that it's because the news is presented poorly? why do you think that is? 66% of teens say they get most of their news only from the front pages of portal sites (like Yahoo, Google, and MSN's default front pages).

News is very boring to watch. I think that the reason that teenagers don't want to listen is because they listen to lectures and watch educational videos all day so the last thing they want to do when they get home is watch news. Adults don't learn all day, like us, so that is like their way of learning. I don't know, just a theory.

New website full of educational videos to show students when teachers don’t feel like doing anything.
Videos have recently become the new way of teaching. Teachers don’t have the time to teach so just throw in a video and your problem is solved. So teachers, if you run out of ideas to talk about or just don’t have time to do your job, find a video that somewhat relates to the subject you are teaching and press play. The website is called and it is made by the founder of
With these new websites starting to break through, soon enough, you will no longer need a college education to get a job as a teacher. Also, the pay will now be fair for the work that will done by the teacher. This solves so many problems. There will no longer be debate on whether teachers should get paid more, and teachers will have more time to correct papers/tests and put them in the grade book. The only problem is that the children won’t learn anything but some pointless facts, but that is besides the point. They can just become a teacher when they grow up.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Blog 8: Media Ownership

  1. What role do you think traditional print media still serves
               According this Gallup poll only 9% of American's still use print media. This is a pretty small percentage but it is still bigger than the percentage of people that listen to Radio (6%). So if anything radio news is worthless. If you think about it, very few people choose to listen to the news on the radio. People just listen to music. Even when the music stations talk media between songs I switch stations because I don't want to listen to news, I just want to listen to music. I think that  most other people do this too, or of course they just plug in their I-pod. 

     2. What danger is there when people can choose their sources and be exposed to only things that interest them?
             There is definatley a difference in Media sources biases. For example: msNBC vs. Fox News. msNBC is as far left as you can get while Fox News is on the right. So if someone chooses to just watch one of these stations, they will be getting only one side. So when it comes to voting time, you will be hearing all the bad things about the democratic candidates on Fox and all the good on NBC. This will obviously effect your voting decision. So when it comes to voting, it is a big deal if people are only watching their political parties news because then they will just vote for who seems to be the best candidate when really they have only heard opinions from one party. Other than voting, it's not dangerous to only be exposed to one side. They just sound like an idiot who doesn't know what they're talking about. 

    3. What do you think about the fact that government agencies and personnel can communicate directly and create their own media more easily than ever?
              It kind of sucks, honestly, because we deal with the government enough. The government has enough control at this point, if not too much. So having it so easy for them to create their own media is just giving them more power. When they become so powerful that we become scared of them instead them being scared of the people, that is not good.

   4. How likely are you to subscribe to a daily newspaper (local/state) or a weekly/monthly magazine when you're out of college. 
              Probably like 10% likely.. I will probably just stick with the free local one and then just watch news on T.V. I don't see myself subscribing to anything because I don't care about the News that is out there enough. Why would I pay for News when there are a thousand different ways to get free news on the internet, TV, and radio. I don't think many people subscribe to anything anymore now that there is such a variety of choices that are free. According to this article, though, I'm wrong. On average, subscriber to New's magazines have stayed the same in the past few years, and individually, many have increased.. What surprises me is the fact that the Time magazine is the only one that went down. Time is the only magazine on this list that I have seen or even heard of. So I thought it would be popular enough to increase or at least stay the same. But then again I'm not surprised because I hate Time magazine. 
3-News Magazines’ Subscriptions Showed Improvement in 2012

So I'm not quite sure whether traditional news is dying off or if it just seems like it because of the fact that there are so many other options now. Some people don't like change and so they stick with their usual news source. I don't understand why people would want to pay money to receive news when there are so many ways to get it for free. I guess magazines and newspapers, I understand but I don't get the internet aspect of subscribing. Maybe that is just me not knowing what I'm talking about though because I don't know much about technology and apps.... if apps even have anything to do with subscribing... I don't know.
I very well could have a change of heart by the time I am out of college and decide to subscribe to things. That is very well possible, especially considering how much technology is overtaking this world. As for the time being, though, I will choose to look at free news.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Where Do You Get Your News From?

On the News IQ Quiz, I got 8/13 which is what 10% of the other test takers got. 25% of the people that took it did better than me.

For the 10 day News Challenge, I chose to listen to/look at Minnesota Public Radio(
These are my findings for each of these topics/questions...

  • The purposes or biases of my news source- 
    • MPR covered a large variety of stories/topics. There wasn't too much of a bias but if I had to chose they were more Liberal than conservative. 
    • There Purpose was just to inform the Minnesota citizens about what is going on Nationally, Locally, Internationally.
    • The would have a few "fun" stories here and there to make it more interesting I think.
  • The point of News
    • To learn/inform people about what is going on in this world
  • The importance of News
    • What is happening around us, whether nationally, internationally, or local, effects each person in some way. Sometimes it is very direct and sometimes maybe not. But it is always a good idea to make sure you know what is happening around you. This article I found talks about how to rate the importance of News and I disagree with it because it's not just about intensity, recentness, and extensity. When it comes down to it, the importance of news is rated by the person watching/reading/listening to it.
  • My attitude towards News
    • I believe that News is important and I know I should pay attention to it, but sometimes I lack the motivation to look/listen to the News because sometimes it is boring and sometimes it is pointless and I don't care what they are talking about. 
    • I think that all people should put an effort into knowing the basics of current events. 
  • Am I going to keep looking at News?
    • I probably won't ever listen to MPR ever again but I might go on the website once in a while to see whats going on because I really did like the website and their stories.
    • I will look and listen to news to a point where I think I am informed enough.
  • Where should people look for News?
    • People should look on credible sources
    • They should also look at News with different perspectives than what they usually watch so that they get both sides of a story.
  • Why is News so depressing?
    • This is a really good question because it really is depressing most of the time. I think that the "depressing" news is the news that seems to be more important because of the fact that it's so tragic or sad. Happy News is refreshing and should be covered to keep peoples hope up, but I do think that covering this depressing News is somewhat necessary
  • Are you better off if you keep up with News?
    • I think that you are better off when you keep up on News to a point but there comes a point where I'd rather just not know or don't want to waste the time watching.
  • Does anything change when you look at News? 
    • No. That is just the thing. I spend an hour watching the News and I leave being sad and/or angry and then move on with my life like it never happened. 
When it comes down to it, we should know enough about the news to the point where you know who to vote for, what is changing that will effect you or people you know, etc. But it's unnecessary to know who jumped out of a window after cutting off their genitals, or if Lindsay Lohan did/did not have a miscarriage. Stuff like that wastes my time and energy honestly.  Overall I enjoyed this project and it changed my view on the thought of News. It broadened my horizon and that is always a good thing.Looking at a new News source helped me see what there all is out there for information/news but I still didn't find it interesting or important to me. I don't care about 80% of what is on the News because it doesn't effect me and/or there is nothing I can do about it. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

An Attempt at Designing...

I did not enjoy this Design Project. I didn't know anything coming in ,like a lot of people. So I guess I learned a lot about the Indesign software. But I have never been much of a creative person and I've always been terrible at creativity and art. So that's why this challenge was so difficult for me to do, and enjoy doing. My first one was just embarrassing because I was still confused on how to use things since the first magazine design I did was super basic. I did it on cat tuxedos because Jessica happened to be talking about them at the time. As we were improving on our designs It was difficult to make it exciting because it was black in white even in the pictures. I was also having troubles finding good pictures because there aren't too many pictures of cats wearing a tux online, as surprising as that is...  So I decided to change everything completely. Megan gave me the idea to make it about TFC (the youth group leadership team I am in) since that's where I spend half my life, so I did it on the Living stations that we are putting on tonight. I changed this all in one day so it was basically me doing another 40 min. challenge... actually more like 30 min. One of the things i learned that I never thought of as a big deal was the use of fonts. Contrast was hard for me to use and I think that is because of, again, my lack of an artistic eye. So that was my experience with Indesign. I learned the basics of how to use it but I'm not expecting to use it ever again. I'm glad there are people out there that enjoy being creative/artistic and design things and admire how good some people are at it, but it's definitely not something in my expertise or even close to it for that matter, hence the reason I am going into accounting. But it was probably good for me to expand my horizon for once.

Monday, March 3, 2014


In Human Anatomy we would have to find articles about anything that had to do with science/the human body. I would go online to look for one and I would Google, human anatomy articles, and there would be so many websites and articles that I wouldn't know which one to pick so I always ended up holding it off until like an hour before the due date. I agree with Barry about the fact that too much choice can cause paralysis. But then again, we are privileged to have such a variety of choices. I mean lets be honest, if we didn't have much for choices then instead of complaining about too many choices we would be complaining about too little choice. There is no happy-medium. There are two articles I found that each had a side on whether too much choice is good or not. There was one called, The Trap of Too Many Choices. And one called More is More: Why the Paradox of Choice Might be a Myth. And as I read them I agreed with parts of both sides of the argument.

We talked about the fact that when reading magazines and newspapers you are almost forced to read all the articles because you flip through each page/section. But for me, I still only read the ones that look interesting to me. It's the same thing as online news.

I do believe though that Google, Facebook, etc. shouldn't chose which stories/results they think you will like best. I don't like the fact that because I click on certain things, I don't get to see a variety of results. We talked about how if people click on more conservative things, there results won't show any liberal things. I like to see both sides of the spectrum so I don't want to see just conservative, I would like to choose which articles I want to read, I don't want websites choosing for me.

There are ups and downs to having lots of choices. There is a difference in having a choice  what news website to go to, and what gender you want to be. Barry brought this idea up when he showed the cartoon about the parents saying that they let their children choose everything they want. Choice can be a good thing when you have the choice to read any article, but when we start having so much choice that we get to choose what gender we want to be or pursue, or the choice to abort your baby or not, then I hate the idea of choice. But of course this is very contradicting because I wouldn't want the choice for me to be a Catholic, Pro-life, Conservative so I shouldn't want/ be able to take away peoples choices to be other religions, liberals, pro-choice, or homosexual whether they go against my beliefs or not. These kinds of choices are big deals and very controversial, so when you look at choice in News, it doesn't seem to matter all as much. It seems like such a petty thing to worry about: whether there is too many choices for articles to read. We should really just be happy that we have access to so much news. An option to be informed with what is going on in our world.

So when it comes down to it, choice is a privilege. A privilege that gives us the freedom to choose what we want, isn't that what this country is all about? You get to chose what you want to do with your life, what religion you affiliate with, what party you veer more towards. So to take that choice away because you think that there is too much choice would be ridiculous. Coming from an indecisive person, having a lot of choices can be frustrating and paralyzing, but I would never want to take away the choices I have.